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The best of Holly Hall’s art; watercolors, ceramics, batiks will be on display here in the near future. Please stay in touch as the portfolio is assembled.


Author: a magic moment with holly

Magic Moments- Nature caught in watercolor A balancing act in spontaneity and control while remembering to breath . I have always been inspired by nature; its forms, colors, textures, and especially by the play of light over and through the subject. When I can catch the fleeting effects of ambient light it is a magic moment for me. If I can also catch the essence of my subject; its mood, character, fragility, movement, or stability then magic has surely occurred. I love gardens and have always been a gardener, creating gardens wherever we have lived. Many of my paintings are of landscapes or garden details. I show and sell originals and hope to get them posted here soon. Retirement from teaching in 2013 has allowed me time to work in watercolors. I work “en plein-air” whenever possible and at other times from memory using photos only for reference. My painting is evolving slowly as I gain confidence and experience and has recently begun to include figure studies. I am also working on developing a line of note cards with a garden/bird theme which will eventually span the four seasons. Continuing a love of ceramics I design and paint glazed ceramic tiles. I have done custom work; creating tiles for kitchens, baths, and other installations. These designs like my note cards are based on details taken from nature. I am excited to be able to share my work with you and others through this blog. Thank you, for taking a moment to “catch the magic”. Holly Hall Angel in the dust

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